Growing With Music and Movement
with Mrs. Danuta Klimczak
With Mrs. Danuta Klimczak
Children Age 3 and 10:

Join the FALL '19 Session starting September 30 (Mondays)  Click to sign up...

Approved vendor for the following Charter Schools:
Excel Academy, Inspire, iLead, Sage Oak, Sky Mountain, and Summit

 Children Age 2 to 4:

     Seal Beach Recreation Park:

      Join the 2019 FALL Session starting September 13.

      Click for details... (look at the bottom for Music and Movement)

     Long Beach Recreation Park:
      Join the 2019 FALL Session starting September 11.

      Click for details... (search for Music and Movement and Instructor: Danuta Klimczak)

Give your child an experience in musical creativity and expression through musical games, singing, dancing, listening and instrumental playing
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