Growing With Music and Movement
with Mrs. Danuta Klimczak
With Mrs. Danuta Klimczak
 Children Age 3 to 10:

Join the 2017 WINTER Session starting January 9 (Mondays). Click to sign up...

Approved vendor for the following Charter Schools:
Excel Academy, Inspire, iLead, Sage Oak, and Sky Mountain

 Children Age 2 to 4:

     Long Beach Recreation Park:
      Join the 2017 WINTER Session starting January 11.

      Click for details... (search for Music and Movement and Instructor: Danuta Klimczak)

     Seal Beach Recreation Park:

      Join the 2017 WINTER Session starting January 13.

      Click for details... (look at the bottom for Music and Movement)

Give your child an experience in musical creativity and expression through musical games, singing, dancing, listening and instrumental playing
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